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LINEAR Electric Submersible Pump 

“Unlocking Unconventional and Marginal Well Potential”

Discover the power and efficiency of our cutting-edge linear electric submersible pumps designed to revolutionize artificial lift in oil and gas industries. Engineered with precision and innovation, these pumps offer unparalleled reliability and efficiency.

Huge number of stripper wells were left shut-in or leaving without any intervention as the capability to produce are getting less. In the stripper well, oil is still there and in aggregate has a meaning to fulfill energy demand of the world.

Linear ESP is a suitable artificial lift to be deployed in the wells having very low production range which is challenging with the current artificial lift in the market.  Linear ESP is a unique, new invention artificial lift to overcome low range oil production that provides an efficient energy consumption, broad technical advantage and in a very cost competitive to meet your requirements. It has been proven, deployed both offshore and onshore world wide.

Linear ESP with its characteristic offers cost competitive approach and reliable choice for production enhancement from the wells with very low production range.


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Consist of 

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