Maritime Sector


Integrated Marine Services

We deliver marine services in different areas of Indonesia, along shorelines and now also in deep waters of the region. Our goals include reaching the highest level of efficiency, while nurturing collegial relationships with clients’ employees and stakeholders.

We provide diverse types of offshore support vessels manned by competent and experienced crew to be able to meet the customers’ most stringent QHSE requirements.

Our first-class reputation with clients, industry stakeholders and regulatory bodies has been built over decades of quality service provision in both technical and project management.

Our technical and project  management extends across a diverse fleets of vessels, fulfilling the vital processes which assure quality and safety for both people and vessels.

People are our key asset and our emphasis is on providing the best quality personnel with continuous management support to ensure a successful match between the individual and the organization.

Working with a sizable multinational pool of marine and offshore personnel; we are resourced, experienced and always ready to meet the crewing services requirements of our industry-leading clients.

Offering logistical solutions to the highly demanding needs of the offshore industry

TRITUSTA strives to innovate to provide the best services. In the increasingly

competitive global oil and gas industry & maritime industry, creativity is key to taking hold of available opportunities. Our Network's fleet is developed to anticipate and cater to the needs of our clients with the aim to exceed client's expectation. This reinforces

TRITUSTA's position as a leading offshore supply service provider in Indonesia.